Selling Process

You’ll find our process is fast, easy, and extremely seller-friendly.


1. Preliminary Review.
Let’s get to know each other: initial discussion, review of hospital profile and financials, Q&A, and establishing timeline.
2. Proposal.
You’ll get a Letter of Intent/Purchase Proposal that includes purchase price, terms of lease, your employment arrangement, and deal options.
3. Due Diligence.
We visit your clinic and collect information: here’s where we set goals and priorities, look at historical data, and make a transition plan.
4. Legal Agreements.
We provide agreements to your legal representative, set a closing date, and complete the wire transfer. Includes purchase, lease and employment agreements; non-competes; and deal stipulations.
5. Integration.
During the first month, it’s vital for doctors and staff to maintain normal routines and schedules. We provide training, enroll staff in benefits programs, transfer accounts, and integrate computer networks.

“My partner and I found ourselves increasingly buried in the management of our busy surgery practice. Selling to PetVet Care Centers has allowed me to refocus on what I enjoy most: the patients and surgeries, and delivering quality care.”