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    Not the biggest network. Just the best.

    With a commitment to local roots of each of our hospitals, we honor and preserve the connections with each community and their beloved pets.


    Why Consider a Relationship with PetVet?

    To understand what PetVet Care Centers offers, you need to look to the heart of who we are – a team of committed, caring veterinary professionals with the experience required to operate our veterinary hospitals with the excellence that pet owners and the staff that serve them expect.

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    Preserving Local Legacies

    There are many reasons for a veterinarian to sell their practice. We also know that the continuation of quality care is at the heart of all those reasons. For us, it’s not a case of having more hospitals than anybody – rather, it’s about having more satisfied veterinarians and staff who call our network home.

    No cookie-cutter buy-outs here. We treat every hospital – staff, clients and patients – as the unique entity it is, and tailor our offers to the particular needs of each individual seller.

    If you're looking to make a move, first ask yourself a question: Are you tired of ownership responsibilities and endless administrative tasks?

    If that’s the case, then selling your practice to us may be the answer you’re looking for. PetVet Care Centers is a dynamic hospital network that’s on the leading edge of veterinary care today. 

    Montecito Veterinary Clinic, California

    • Our experience of being acquired by PetVet Care Centers was extraordinary! The process leading up to the sale was fast, easy and painless. The people we dealt with were reachable and very supportive – and continue to be so.
      Dr. and Mrs. Grant Patrick Montecito Veterinary Center

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    Customized deal. Confidentiality. Clarity. Continuity. Cash.
    These are the keys to a successful sale that offers you a sustainable legacy.

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