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Medical Leadership & Philosophy

At PetVet Care Centers, we are fortunate to have an accomplished medical leadership group that oversees and guides the medical practices throughout our hospital network.

Medical Leadership

Dr. Robert Bergman and Dr. Anthony Loomis guide our medical advisory team.

Dr. Robert Bergman, Carolina Veterinary Specialist

Dr. Robert Bergman DVM, MS Diplomate, ACVIM

Medical Director, Carolina Veterinary Specialist

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Dr. Anthony Loomis, Westfield Animal Hospital

Dr. Anthony Loomis DVM

Medical Director, Westfield Animal Hospital

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Medical Advisory Team 

Our Medical Advisory Team plays a key role on the leadership team, helping us to balance the heart of veterinary care with the operational needs of the hospitals.

This group forms the core of our commitment to the highest veterinary standards, and serves as a beacon for every veterinarian, technician, and staff member who works on our extended team.

Our medical leaders are drawn from every type of hospital in the PetVet Care Centers network – and consist of General Practitioners, Emergency veterinarians, and Board-Certified Specialists. These veterinarians reflect and represent their respective disciplines, and are all equals at the table when we chart our network’s medical course.

What Our Medical Leaders Believe

Our Medical Leaders believe in balance between General Practice, Specialists, and Emergency doctors – and welcome practitioners with diverse backgrounds and experience.

They also believe in being led by members of the medical community. Our leaders are veterinarians who have been working diligently in the trenches, sometimes for many years. They are not MBAs and accountants.

They believe in listening. When a veterinarian comes on board at PetVet Care Centers, he or she should feel free to approach members of our DVM leadership team. We want there to be two-way communication.

We want to hear our team’s concerns and suggestions, and foster the sense of community that’s so important in a workplace that all too often has a “corporate feel” in today’s healthcare environment.

Does a commitment to quality start at the top? Absolutely. That, above all, is the crux of what we believe and know.

  • "As part of the PetVet Medical Advisory Team my goal is to support our DVMs and their teams to remain at the leading edge of veterinary medicine, each and every day."
    Dr. Anthony Loomis DVM

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