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Yes, PetVet Care Centers is a sizable veterinary network, but we’re far from the biggest. And we won’t box you in with a 'one-size-fits-all' deal that the huge networks are so fond of.  Your deal is yours alone.

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The Benefits Will Set You Free!

We'll offer you a deal as unique as the practice you’ve built.

Your hospital has special strengths, requirements, and connections to the local community. We take all this into account when we work with you to structure a deal.

We'll serve as your trusted partner.

We’re here to help you reach the next stage of your success. You’ll find we’re a partner you can rely on to do what’s right, from offering you an optimal selling price to ensuring your transaction goes smoothly.

You'll say goodbye to tedious 'admin' work.

Marketing. Finance and Accounting. Payroll. Computers/IT. Human Resources. Legal. Purchasing. Recruitment. Our home office is your 'home team'. We've got your covered.


  • During the first month, it’s vital for doctors and staff to maintain normal routines and schedules. We provide training, enroll staff in benefits programs, transfer accounts, and integrate computer networks.
    Dr. Brian Van Vechten VRCC

And, You'll Get To:

Make all medical decisions.

You remain the veterinary leader at your practice—nothing about that will change.

Retain your staff.

You trust them. You may even love them. Now keep them.

Earn an excellent salary.

It’s competitive out there, and we’re happy and willing to pay for talent—namely, yours.

Receive the right price… in a cash transaction.

All those years you’ve put into building your practice will now translate into all that cash equity you get out of it.

Make your time yours again.

See more patients. Relax with family and friends.

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Customized deal. Confidentiality. Clarity. Continuity. Cash.
These are the keys to a successful sale that offers you a sustainable legacy.

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