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    The insiders perspective on making a great sale.

    Selling your veterinary practice is a big step... and with PetVet Care Centers, the reward can be just as big.

  • The Insider's Perspective

    What Makes a Great Sale?

    We know that for most veterinarians, selling their practice is about much more than the money. That’s why we customize your deal, while providing the confidentiality, clarity and continuity that makes the cash* an even better reward.

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    *Yes. We'll pay you in cash.

    • Customized Deals


      We build the deal around you…unlike the cookie-cutter approach of the giant networks.

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    • Fully Confidential


      When you're ready, we'll start the discussion to customize your deal. And of course, we’ll make sure your inquiry remains confidential.

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    • Clear 5 Step Purchase Process


      Selling is far easier than you’ve imagined. Our 5-step purchase process makes everything crystal clear:

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    • Continuity to Preserve Your Legacy


      With a commitment to local roots of each of our hospitals, we honor and preserve the connections with each community and their beloved pets.

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    Explore Success Stories

    There are many reasons to sell a veterinary practice, and the success of the transaction and transition is dependent on one factor: finding the buyer who’s best suited to your needs. We believe that PetVet Care Centers will meet your requirements. But don’t take our word alone.

    Check out these success stories, in which accomplished veterinarians tell you why it pays to sell to PetVet.

    VRCC Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital

    VRCC Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital

    Brian Van Vechten and his practice partner found their work days became easier.

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    Pets on Broadway

    Pets on Broadway

    Sheryl Scolnick and her partner started their practice from scratch and built it into a thriving enterprise.

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    Falls Road Animal Hospital

    Falls Road Animal Hospital

    After 35 years as an owner Dr. Hammond details his experience selling his practice to PetVet Care Centers.

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    Pets on Broadway, Vet in Denver Colorado

    • My goal was to lessen the headaches of ownership that were taking up so much of my time, and spend more time doing what I love — helping my patients. I accomplished everything I wanted.
      Sheryl Scolnik, DVM Pets on Broadway Animal Hospital

    Make a Great Sale

    Customized deal. Confidentiality. Clarity. Continuity. Cash.
    These are the keys to a successful sale that offers you a sustainable legacy.

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