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Clear Selling Process

If you are a veterinary professional interested in selling your practice, our 5-step purchase process makes everything crystal clear.

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  • Step 1

    Preliminary Review

    Get acquainted. You and PetVet Care Centers get to know each other, and discover what each offers the other.

  • Step 2


    Determine the right number. We’ll provide you with a Letter of Intent that details our purchase proposal.

  • Step 3

    Due Diligence

    Do necessary research. We’ll visit your hospital and gather the information we need for ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Step 4


    Make the deal. We’ll provide agreements for your legal representative, set a closing date, and complete the wire transfer.

  • Step 5


    Keep it simple. For the first month, it’s vital for doctors and staff to maintain normal routines and schedules.

Make a Great Sale

Customized deal. Confidentiality. Clarity. Continuity. Cash.
These are the keys to a successful sale that offers you a sustainable legacy.

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