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Pets on Broadway

Sheryl Scolnick, DVM and her partner at Pets on Broadway Animal Hospital in Denver, Colorado, started their general practice from scratch—and after building it into a thriving enterprise, sold it to PetVet Care Centers.

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Looking for an Exit Strategy

"I was looking for an exit strategy, and I discovered PetVet is a great company to sell to. 

"I had no reservations about selling once I spoke with PetVet’s CEO, Gino Volpacchio, and his Business Development Manager, Uri Failla.

"I had a great connection with them. I trusted them. I knew that after I completed my transaction, they would take the practice to the next level. 

"Within the first month, for example, they upgraded 75% of all the computers and monitors, and installed a new server."

Pets on Broadway Animal Hospital, Denver

Pets on Broadway, Denver Colorado Vet

Total Medical Freedom

"PetVet allowed me to cash out, decrease my responsibilities, and take more time off. So now I can enjoy work minus the headaches.

"One thing that didn’t change is I’m still doing what I love—managing medical cases as I see fit. I have total medical freedom.

"I love the fact they take over HR functions, accounting, and IT responsibilities, to name just a few. They also give us the buying power that lowers our cost for inventory.

"PetVet doesn’t just come in and buy your clinic; they strive to make it even better."

Make a Great Sale

Customized deal. Confidentiality. Clarity. Continuity. Cash.
These are the keys to a successful sale that offers you a sustainable legacy.

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