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Let Us Preserve What You've Built

We focus on continuity in each deal we make. When you sell your veterinary practice to us, we’ll work to maintain the culture and legacy you’ve established, and invest the time and resources to make the business even stronger. 

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  • "PetVet Care Centers can really customize your deal based on your needs. And they do it really well. They’re going to be there to support you. They’re going to give you the IT help. They’re going to give you the continuing education."
    Dr. Kim Hammond Falls Road Animal Hospital

Let Us Preserve What You've Built

How Do We Do It?

We make the transition seamless.

Our highly-experienced team has a record of success at bringing people, processes and technologies together – to meet everyone’s satisfaction. 

We free you from business tasks.

We’ll handle marketing, accounting, payroll, computers, legal and every other administrative function—without disrupting the hospital’s normal, day-to-day rhythm as we take on these responsibilities. 

We provide you with security.

As a leading nationwide veterinary network, we’re here today, and we’ll be here tomorrow.

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Make a Great Sale

Customized deal. Confidentiality. Clarity. Continuity. Cash.
These are the keys to a successful sale that offers you a sustainable legacy.

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