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Healthy Pet Care Tips

What causes seizures in dogs ?

There are a number of reasons that your dog may have a seizure. Our vets share some of the reasons that dogs have seizures, and what you should do if your dog has a seizure.

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Help! I think my cat has an eye infection.

There are a number of infections and conditions which may affect your cat's eyes. Below, our vets share the signs and symptoms of 3 common eye conditions in cats.

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Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Vet Care

Knowing when your pet is in need of emergency care isn't always obvious. Here, our vets share some of the signs that indicate a trip to the Emergency Vet is necessary. 

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Dog Skin Problems: Scratching, Itching, & Other Skin Conditions

Itching, scratching, and licking are signs your dog has a condition known as dermatitis. Find out what might be causing the skin problems, and how you can help treat them.

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10 Veterinary Emergencies That Can't Wait

While no pet owner hopes to ever have to visit a veterinary emergency clinic, sometimes it is unavoidable. Here, our emergency veterinarians shed some light on situations that require immediate attention by a veterinarian. 

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Cancer in Dogs - Signs & Symptoms

Our vets know that finding a lump on your canine friend can be very worrying. While many lumps are not cancer related, there are a number of cancers which are common in dogs and it can be helpful to watch for the signs of this serious disease.

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Blindness & Visual Impairment in Dogs

Like their people, many dogs suffer from loss of vision as they get older, or as a result of other underlying health issues or injury. Today our vets share a few of the signs that your dog may be struggling with blindness or vision loss.

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What is the difference between pet insurance and a pet wellness plan?

Pet insurance and wellness plans are two different options for helping make your pet’s health more affordable.

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Dog Vaccination Schedule: What You Need To Know

Vaccinations are vital for protecting your dog against a number of dangerous, and potentially deadly conditions. Here, our vet shares the recommended schedule for getting your dog vaccinated.

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Should I microchip my dog?

Microchipping your dog can increase the chances that they are found if they get lost. Read on to learn more about the benefits of microchipping.

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