PetVet Care Centers

The PetVet Advantage

PetVet Care Centers is a vibrant, growing network committed to veterinary excellence in each of our local hospitals, and seeking to add the best and brightest veterinary professionals to our ranks.

PetVet Careers Overview

  • We know that you are presented with many opportunities throughout your veterinary career. In a PetVet network hospital, our teams grow professionally together, through their commitment to quality care and service to their communities.
    Robert Swan, Chief Human Resources Officer

Why Consider PetVet?

PetVet Care Centers network offers unique advantages. While working for one of our local hospitals, you will:

  • Thrive in a culture that is connected to the community it serves. Our network hospitals have become strong over many years and have built reputations through integrity, quality and value.  Many of our hospitals provide mentorship and learning opportunities with seasoned veterinary professionals.
  • Learn from our large and growing network of specialists who are available to provide case consultations when needed.
  • Pursue your career close to home or across a wide range of hospitals within the network—all according to your preference (with reimbursements for relocation expenses).
  • Benefit from competitive and creative compensation plans designed around you. We appreciate the value of work life balance and offer flexible scheduling in many locations as well as an assortment of lifestyle based benefit plans.
  • Know that you are working in a strong, stable organization with an established client base.
  • Enjoy  being part of a network where each hospital keeps its unique identity, and celebrates its place in the community There’s never a “corporate medicine” mentality. Our local DVM leaders make their own treatment decisions.
  • Stay on the cutting edge in an environment where we’re always adding new services and treatments, enabling us to improve patient care and enhance the professional growth of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does PetVet have opportunities for people at different stages of their careers?


    Whether you’re a highly-experienced veterinarian who wants to lead, a mid-career veterinarian who’s looking for a new role or better work environment, or you’re just out of veterinary school—you can thrive at a PetVet Care Centers hospital.

    Likewise for technicians and staff who have a passion for doing great work and getting ahead.

  • What sets PetVet Care Centers apart from other veterinary employers?

    We support our hospitals with extensive financial and medical resources that aren’t available to standalone hospitals.

    And as an expanding but not gigantic network, we’re flexible enough to avoid the pitfalls of larger networks, which enforce uniformity and don’t allow each hospital to flourish on its own terms.

    At PetVet, maintaining the identity of each hospital is the key to our success.

  • Can you tell me more about how PetVet gives me the chance to redirect my career?

    Sure. Suppose you’re considering a change from general practice to emergency medicine, because emergency medicine offers a more flexible schedule and change of pace.

    Or maybe you feel it’s time to work a more standard day schedule in general practice. Or you’re interested in taking on a management role in a hospital.

    Whatever your preferences and goals, we’re here to support you in your continued growth and development.

  • What is PetVet's medical leadership philosophy?

    Great question. After all our business is health care, so strong, clear medical leadership is primary.

    PetVet Care Centers has a Medical Advisory Team which plays a key role on the leadership team, helping us to balance the heart of veterinary care with the operational needs of the hospitals.

    This group forms the core of our commitment to the highest veterinary standards, and serves as a beacon for every veterinarian, technician and staff member who works on our extended team.

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  • How does your hiring process work?

    All of the available positions at local PetVet hospitals across the nation are posted online.

    1. Browse positions at
    2. Complete a candidate profile and upload your resume
    3. Complete skills assessment (support staff positions)
    4. You will be contacted by a Hospital Manager, Medical Director or member of the Talent Acquisition team to discuss next steps

Find a Veterinary Position

If you're interested in working on a supportive – and supported – team with the best veterinary professionals in the country, we invite you to talk to us.

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