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Managing Pain in Dogs After Neutering

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Spaying/Neutering

Our PetVet Care Center vets understand that deciding to have your dog spayed or neutered can be an emotional decision for you as a pet owner, but try to keep in mind that these surgeries are fairly routine for your vet, and easy to recover from for you dog. 

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Getting Your Dog Fixed - Guide to Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Spaying/Neutering

Often new dog owners ask us if they should get their puppy fixed. Here, our vets explain how spaying or neutering your dog not only helps to prevent unplanned puppies, it can also benefit your dog's health and may prevent some unwanted pet behaviors.

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Getting Your Cat Fixed: What To Expect

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Spaying/Neutering

Getting your cat spayed or neutered comes with a variety of benefits. Here, our vets explain when you should get your cat or kitten fixed, and how it's beneficial.

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