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Vaccinating Your Pet - Core Vaccines vs Lifestyle Vaccines

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Cats, Vaccines, Health

Vaccinations can help to protect your pet from serious, sometimes deadly conditions, but do all pets face the same amount of risk of contracting these conditions? Today our PetVet Care Centers vets explain the differences between core vaccines and lifestyle vaccines.

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Dehydration in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Posted in Dogs, Emergency, Illness/Disease, Health

Dehydration is a common emergency seen by our vets. Dehydration happens when your dog's body loses more water and electrolytes than they are taking in, subsequently causing severe issues with their internal organs, body temperature, joints, and digestion.

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How to tell if your cat is sick: Signs and Symptoms

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease, Health

Cats often manage to hide their discomfort when they are ill, making it difficult to know when your cat is unwell. Today our vets share some signs that your feline friend may be sick. 

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Has my cat been poisoned?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease, Health

While cat poisonings are relatively rare, they do happen. From household cleaners to toxic house plants, here's more from our Memphis vets on substances that are poisonous to cats, and what to do if you suspect your cat has been poisoned.

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My cat sleeps constantly - how much is too much and when should I worry?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease, Health, Behavior

No doubt about it, cats love to sleep. Our vets are often asked by concerned cat owners if they should be concerned that their cat sleeps so much. When does a cat nap indicate that there may actually be a health emergency?

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Diagnosis & Treatment of Canine Cataracts

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Specialty, Health

Our veterinary ophthalmologist discusses the importance of your pet's eye care. 

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Is your cat overweight?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Health

Perhaps you've never given your cat's weight much thought, but carrying just a couple of extra ounces can make a big difference to your cat's wellbeing. Here, our vet explains how you can tell if your cat might be overweight. 

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Common Reactions to Vaccines in Dogs

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Health

Vaccinations protect your dog against a number of serious illnesses, but owners are often concerned about the risk of adverse reactions to vaccines.  Today our Memphis vets explain the most common reactions dogs have to vaccinations, and what to do if your dog has a reaction to getting their shots.

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