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5 Things Not to Do During Your Pet’s Cancer Treatment

When a pet has cancer, pet parents often try to be helpful but accidentally do things that have negative consequences. Here, you will find information about things not to do when your cat or dog is battling cancer.

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Mitral Valve Disease In Dogs

Today, our PetVet Care Centers member vets discuss mitral valve disease in dogs including signs and treatments.

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Congestive Heart Failure in Cats

Cat heart failure occurs when the cardiovascular system can no longer sufficiently pump blood throughout the body. Today, our PetVet Care Centers member vets discuss the signs and potential treatment options for cat congestive heart failure.

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Dog Eye Infection - Causes & Treatments

Eye infections in dogs can range from uncomfortable to downright painful and require immediate treatment to avoid complications. Here, our PetVet Care Centers member vets explain some of the causes of eye infections in dogs and how they are treated.

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How to Help Your Pet Recover with Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

If your pet is recovering from an injury or surgery or has a chronic health condition, they may benefit from pet rehabilitation and physical therapy. Today, our vets explain when rehabilitation may be useful and its benefits. We also list some specific treatment and therapy options.

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How Do I Know If My Dog Needs An Elective C-Section?

Emergency c-sections can be performed if a dog is in labor but things aren't going smoothly, but in some cases, an elective c-section may be recommended if your dog faces an increased risk of complications. Today our PetVet Care Centers vets look at how to tell if your dog needs a c-section.

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All About Dog Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation for dogs is much like physiotherapy for people, it is designed to help reduce pain while improving strength, flexibility, endurance and overall function. In today's post, our PetVet Care Centers vets explain what dog rehabilitation is and some of the methods used.

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10 Steps to Take if Your Cat is Diagnosed With Cancer

No doubt you're feeling worried and overwhelmed if your cat has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Today, our PetVet Care Centers specialist vets discuss various treatment options and share some practical advice for cat owners.

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Pancreatic Cancer in Dogs

While pancreatic cancer is relatively rare in dogs, it's important for owners to understand the symptoms so that your vet can start treatment early to try and prevent or limit the spread of this disease. Today, our  vets explain the types of pancreatic cancer seen in dogs. 

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FHO Surgery in Cats

FHO surgery can be an effective and relatively inexpensive surgical treatment option for hip problems in cats. Today, our PetVet Care Centers member vets describe the hip anatomy of cats, hip problems that could affect your kitty and what’s involved in FHO surgery and recovery.

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