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The Importance of Exercise for Horses: A Complete Guide

Horses are built for running and exercise. Their strong yet agile body makes them efficient for moving around, but did you know that it's a necessary part of their daily routine? Today's post looks at the importance of exercise for horses and the best options for getting them moving.

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Why Parasite Prevention is Important to Your Pet's Health

Parasites pose a very real risk to the overall health and longevity of your pet, but preventing parasites has never been easier. In today's post, we look at the ways parasites can affect pet health and how parasites can be prevented.

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Optimizing Hoof Health for Sport Horses: A Foundation for Performance

Your horse's hooves not only support their body and help them move around, but they also have many other functions that are vital for your horse. Read on to learn more about the importance of hoof care for your sports horse, common horse hoof conditions and what a healthy hoof looks like.

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Care Tips for Your Dog's Paws

Having healthy paws is an important part of your dog's overall health and wellness. Our PetVet Care Centers member vets provide tips on how to care for your dog's paws and keep your pup healthy.

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Horse Deworming Schedule & Medicines

Parasites are a risk for all animals and the horse is no exception. Deworming your horse is a crucial step to maintaining their health. In this post, our PetVet Care Centers member vets discuss deworming horses, when to do it, and methods to minimize worm infection in your horses.

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Planning for Your Pet's Preventive Care Exam

Routine wellness exams for your cat or dog give your vet an opportunity to provide vital preventive care and to check your pet for early signs of developing health problems. Today, our PetVet Care Centers member vets provide tips on how to prepare for your cat or dog's routine wellness exam.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Fleas may be tiny but they can make your cat miserable! If your feline friend is being tormented by fleas, our PetVet Care Centers veterinary team has some advice on how to get rid of them, along with how to prevent your cat from getting fleas in the future. 

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Tick Disease in Dogs - Ehrlichiosis

Ehrlichiosis is a serious tick-borne disease seen in dogs across the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. Early treatment is critical to preventing this condition from reaching its more severe stages. In today's post, our PetVet Care Centers veterinary team explains the stages, symptoms and treatments for ehrlichiosis in dogs.

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Bladder Stones in Dogs

Bladder stones can cause your dog to have problems urinating and may even become life-threatening if they completely block the bladder. In this post, our PetVet Care Centers member vets explain what you should know about bladder stones in dogs. 

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Which flea treatment is best for my dog?

There are a baffling number of flea treatment options available out there, and choosing the best one for your dog can be confusing. Our team of veterinary professionals from PetVet Care Centres across the country discuss various flea treatments from powders to shampoos and monthly medications, to help you determine which flea treatment is best for your pup.

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