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My cat sleeps constantly - how much is too much and when should I worry?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease, Health, Behavior

No doubt about it, cats love to sleep. Our vets are often asked by concerned cat owners if they should be concerned that their cat sleeps so much. When does a cat nap indicate that there may actually be a health emergency?

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Common Dog Illnesses & Symptoms

Posted in Dogs, Behavior

Many common dog illnesses and symptoms can be cause for concern, or even fatal if left untreated. Our vets offer advice about health problems to watch for.

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10 Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating

Posted in Cats, Illness/Disease, Behavior

Cats can be notoriously picky eaters, but don't assume this is the only reason they're not eating. Our vets provide some other common causes and when you should see your vet.

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Destructive Chewing Prevention for Dogs

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Behavior

While chewing is normal and healthy in dogs, most pet owners would prefer not to sacrifice their favorite pair of shoes or a brand new throw pillow. Here, our vets explain the causes of destructive chewing in dogs, and how to stop it.

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Why won't my dog stop shaking his head? Should I worry?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Illness/Disease, Skin Problems, Behavior

Persistent vigorous head shaking may be an indication that your dog needs to see a vet. So, when you should become concerned about your dog's head shaking? 

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Anxiety & Depression in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms & How To Help

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Behavior

Depression and anxiety can affect dogs, much like humans. Here, our Southeast Memphis vets share what symptoms to look for and how to help cheer up your furry four-legged friend.

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