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How do I know if my pet has Lyme disease?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Cats, Small Mammals, Parasites

How do I know if my pet has Lyme disease? Our vets explain the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease and how Lyme disease is treated in pets.

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Getting Your Dog Fixed - Guide to Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Spaying/Neutering

Often new dog owners ask us if they should get their puppy fixed. Here, our vets explain how spaying or neutering your dog not only helps to prevent unplanned puppies, it can also benefit your dog's health and may prevent some unwanted pet behaviors.

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Getting Your Cat Fixed: What To Expect

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Spaying/Neutering

Getting your cat spayed or neutered comes with a variety of benefits. Here, our vets explain when you should get your cat or kitten fixed, and how it's beneficial.

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Common Reactions to Vaccines in Dogs

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Health

Vaccinations protect your dog against a number of serious illnesses, but owners are often concerned about the risk of adverse reactions to vaccines.  Today our Memphis vets explain the most common reactions dogs have to vaccinations, and what to do if your dog has a reaction to getting their shots.

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Cat & Kitten Vaccine Schedules

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Prevention, Vaccines

A cornerstone of preventive care, vaccinations offer your cat or kitten protection against a host of serious diseases and illnesses. Here, our vets provide an outline of recommended vaccines and why your cat needs them.

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Can cats catch colds?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease

Cats can catch colds just like people, displaying similar symptoms such as sneezing and a runny nose. Here, our vets talk about causes and when to seek veterinary care.

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Anxiety & Depression in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms & How To Help

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Behavior

Depression and anxiety can affect dogs, much like humans. Here, our Southeast Memphis vets share what symptoms to look for and how to help cheer up your furry four-legged friend.

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