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Healthy Pet Care Tips

A Few Important Suggestions About Caring for Your Pet

At PetVet Care Centers, we look forward to caring for your pet, whether your pet is in good health or in need of special medical attention. But as pet owner, there are also steps you can take to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Your pets are your family. And their health and well-being is your top priority. Veterinary care is important, but there are steps you can take everyday for the health of your pet.

Take care of the basics.

Bring your pet to the veterinarian for a Wellness Exam every six months. That way, your pet stays current with his or her vaccinations, parasite prevention and early detection of any conditions that may require treatment.


Make sure not to overlook dental care.

Did you know that dental disease is the #1 health problem for dogs and cats? It is—and these dental conditions can lead to more serious illnesses later on. That’s why it’s so vital to schedule regular dental exams for your pet.


Rely on specialists when necessary.

Your family veterinarian may find it advisable in certain circumstances to call in the services of a specialist. Whether your pet needs the expertise of a neurologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon or any other type of specialist, you’ll want to utilized specialized resources when the need arises.

what is a veterinary specialist?

Have a plan for emergencies.

Does your current veterinary hospital offer emergency care? Including a 24-hour ER? Formulate a plan for where to take your pet in the event of emergency illness or injury at any time, and keep the phone number of the emergency hospital nearby.

what is a veterinary specialist?

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