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Should I microchip my dog?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Microchipping

Microchipping your dog can increase the chances that they are found if they get lost. Read on to learn more about the benefits of microchipping.

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My dog has blood in his poop - what should I do?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Emergency, Illness/Disease

Our vets know that responsible dog owners spend a lot of time picking up their dog's poop. For that reason, you likely have a pretty good idea of what a normal stool looks like for your dog. But what should you do if you notice blood in your dog's poop? 

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My cat sleeps constantly - how much is too much and when should I worry?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease, Health, Behavior

No doubt about it, cats love to sleep. Our vets are often asked by concerned cat owners if they should be concerned that their cat sleeps so much. When does a cat nap indicate that there may actually be a health emergency?

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Managing Pain in Dogs After Neutering

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Spaying/Neutering

Our PetVet Care Center vets understand that deciding to have your dog spayed or neutered can be an emotional decision for you as a pet owner, but try to keep in mind that these surgeries are fairly routine for your vet, and easy to recover from for you dog. 

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Help! My cat won't stop vomiting.

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Illness/Disease

All cats will vomit now and again, but frequent or severe vomiting may be a sign that your cat is suffering from something more serious that just an upset tummy.  So what are the signs that you should take your cat to the vet?

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Heimlich Maneuver For Dogs: What To Do If My Dog Is Choking

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Emergency

Most dogs will chew just about anything - bones, toys, shoes. But what should you do if something gets lodged in your dog's mouth or throat and they start to choke? Here, our emergency vets share what to do in a choking emergency. 

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Dogs Stung By Bees: What Do I Need To Do?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Injury, Allergies

If you think your dog has been stung by a bee it is important to monitor them for an allergic reaction, which would require immediate veterinary care. In most cases, dogs should begin to feel better within a few hours after a bee sting, and you can focus on making them more comfortable. 

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Dogs & Antifreeze: Should I Go To the Pet ER?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Emergency, Illness/Disease, Eating/Chewing

Antifreeze poisoning is one of the most common forms of poisoning in dogs because it is commonly found in households. Here, our PetVet Care Centers emergency vets explain why you need to get the vet right away if you think your dog has ingested antifreeze.

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Does my cat have a broken leg? How can I tell if it's serious?

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Cats, Emergency, Injury

Our vets know that whether your cat is an outdoor feline or an indoor friend, accidents can happen. That's why it's important to understand what to look for if you think your cat may have a broken or fractured leg. 

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Diabetes In Dogs

Posted in Pet Care Tips, Dogs, Illness/Disease

Cases of diabetes in dogs are on the rise. Today our Memphis vets share some of the most common signs of this disease in dogs, and what you should do if your dog is displaying symptoms of diabetes.

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